plastic bag
sacs réutilisables
sacs durables
sacs papiers, sacs plastique
shopping bag
shopping bags
food market
sacs plastique,sacs papier,sacs réutilisables,sacs durables,cabas,sacs personnalisés,
sacs isothermes sacs biodégradables neosac,gaine,film,housses
sacs papier et sacs plastique
plastic bag sac papier et sac plastique
food market  

Some products are available on STOCK (various standards, thicknesses, tints or materials are available).

Do not hesitate to ask for our WHOLESALERS Catalogue in order to have a view upon our full range of products.

food market

For the MANUFACTURING products, please specify us your needs regarding the following points (we also mention you our capacities and range):

  • Materials: high density ( HD), Low density (LD), Medium Density ( MD),
    Co-extrusion .
  • Flexo Print (from 1 to 3 or 4 colors both sides)
  • Case tinting
  • Size and thickness
  • Shopper bags with side gussets : With or without printing, With or without glu spot,
  • Possibility of distri-box
  • Blocked bags: with or without side gussets
  • Roller bags: with or without side gussets
  • Bags for fruits and vegetables
  • PP and /or paper bags for croissants and bread, sandwiches and bakery food .
  • Blocked sheets
  • Blocked or unblocked slaughterhouses bags
  • Blocked bags for meat box
  • Disposable aprons and apron kids
  • Chicken bags (paper)
  • Paraffin wax paper, duplex paper
  • Aluminium film
  • PVC Clingfilm in distri-box
  • Cool bags (double layer, with bubbles, paper or plastic.) .
  • Bags with compartments for bottles

sac alimentaire




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